When all you’ve ever been told is that medication and therapy are your only options to dealing with mental illness, and that there’s no way you’ll ever move through it on your own. But you know what love, that’s a lie

I suffered for


Dealing with manic highs, debilitating depression, psychotic episodes, self mutilation, and even suicidal thoughts and attempts because therapy and medication just weren’t a constructive avenue for me. For the longest time, I closed myself off, drowned myself in alcohol, and binge consumed as much sugar and caffeine as I could to try and drown out my thoughts, my feelings, and who I “thought” I was forever destined to be.

And then one day it hit me like a freight train

life can be better than this, there HAS to be a way, and I’m GOING to be the one to make it happen.


From there


I ended my mentally abusive relationship of two years and started focusing on taking care of myself. I began pushing myself towards happiness with a healthy dose of tough love and determination. I started associating myself with more positive people and emphasizing the importance of self love. I started changing the language I was using towards myself and others, and I allowed myself to dream big for the first time in my life.

And through making those changes, I transformed my entire life. 

Here’s just some of the things I’ve achieved, by taking those steps in my life:

-I overcame bipolar, anxiety, and depression.

-I connected with the most amazing man, who I am now so happily married to.

-I have two beautiful daughters that literally light up my life.

-I run my own business where I help others move through the journey to conquering Bipolar, Anxiety and Depression.

-I self published my first book, “Simply Happy” which has helped people transform their lives and bring happiness back to a place it was once lost.

-I wake up at 6am for a mile run, I do headstands pretty much everywhere I go, and I find gratitude nuggets in every corner of life.

-Life is fun, it’s exciting, it’s full of opportunity, and it feels so free!

The power to conquer mental illness was in me all along, and it’s in you too.
All it comes down to is making the choice to use that power.

All of the struggle, all of the success - it's all led me here to you!

To help you realize the power you posses, the change you're capable of creating, and that you are they key to unlocking your happiness and so much more!

If you are interested in working with me, please apply by clicking the link below.

You're here for a reason love, and whether you want to finally have control of your mindset/emotions, feel some relief while still feeling like YOU, develop self love, have a healthy relationship, function better at work, or no longer have to wear your diagnosis on your sleeve, I am here for you.